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WELCOME TO TEALISH 2.0! - Tealish Fine Teas


When we founded Tealish in 2005, our love of tea was the main driving force.  Now, after almost 15 years into our entrepreneurial journey (and two children later), we are ready to refresh, grow, and breathe new life into Tealish. Sitting down to write this, thinking about this winding journey we have been on, and all of the people we have met along the way (which we don’t often do because we are always thinking about what’s next and how long the to-do list is), brings to light what Tealish 2.0 is really about. Sitting in a cozy moment, having time to yourself to just think, focus on the positive, and appreciate the day.

Inspired by our own personal wellness journeys,  we wanted to share more of what we have learned and loved with you.  Moving forward, our intention is to allow Tealish to grow into a curated wellness lifestyle brand by giving you the tools you need to steep your life in health and wellness.  Part of the experience we want to foster focuses on making each moment special - something recently described as hygge.  Danish in origin, it encompasses a feeling of coziness and contentment, and is something that has always been a passion of ours. No day is complete without being surrounded by all of the things that we love - a cup of tea in a lovely Tealish mug, a stylish Corksicle water bottle (because we always need at least 3 drinks going at all times), kids framed artwork, our favourite plants, a diffuser carrying essential oil blends across the room, or a scented candle burning. This is our version on hygge, and one that we hope inspires you to find yours!

Tea is still one of our primary focuses (as our one true and first love) but there are so many things that can be enjoyed alongside, before, or after tea.  We want to help you stay hydrated (in style, of course), and with that comes an array of lovely and healing beverage choices. Adaptogenic herbs, superfood powder mixes, coffee and natural sweeteners will all be available on   We are also very excited to introduce our very own aromatherapeutic essential oils to our product lines. All natural, eco-friendly and ethically sourced botanicals, herbs and spices are at the forefront of our inspiration in all that we create at Tealish.

We look forward to sharing our new and growing array of not only Tealish branded products, but a selection of our favourite health and wellness products from around the globe with you.  We would love to hear from you, so please drop us a note and let us know what you think, or would like to see in our online shoppe. Thank you for joining us on our journey and welcome to Tealish 2.0!