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New to loose leaf? Read our steeping guide, because we don't want you to brew any ol’ cup of tea. We want to ensure that you end up with the BEST, most aromatic and flavourful, PERFECT cup of tea!!

Turn your favourite pink tea into your new favourite (healthy!) breakfast! It's no secret, chia seed puddings are one of the best and easiest make-ahead breakfasts to have in the fridge. This one is inspired by (and infused with) our Toasty Almond herbal tea! 

Spa Day’s mint & citrus forward herbs ignite relaxation in the body. Linden flowers sprinkled throughout have a calming effect on both the body and mind. What we love most about Spa Day is that it’s relaxation power isn’t limited to ingestion - you can use this herbal infusion as a facial steam for a full spa experience! 



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