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APPLE CINNAMON <br><span>Herbal Tea</span>
From $9.50 / 57 g
APPLETINI<br><span>Herbal Tea</span>
From $9.50 / 57 g
BEAUTEA SLEEP<br><span>Herbal Tea</span>
From $9.50 / 57 g
Blueberry Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf tea in bowl
From $9.50 / 50 g
CHAI MATE <br><span>Herbal Tea</span>
From $9.50 / 57 g
CHILL OUT<br><span>Herbal Tea</span>
From $9.50 / 57 g


Alternative milks use water blended with your ingredient of choice, this formula lends its self perfectly to a tea-infusion! Simply sub in a brewed tea in place of water and ta-da you've got a healthy, naturally flavoured milk infusion worthy of all your favourite treats. 

Make the choice to reach for healthy hydration this year and get creative with all natural and healthy ingredients, including Tealish tea! These detox waters (or teatox waters in this case) are infused with premium loose leaf tea and fresh ingredients.  

Tea is one of the best beverages to consume when you’re feeling under the weather, especially hydrating herbal teas. This one harnesses the natural powers of turmeric and ginger to create a hot tonic packed with flavour and health benefits!



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