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Winter Snow Globe Mocktail, with tea

Winter Snow Globe Mocktail, with tea

We've seen so much of this viral tiktok cocktail this month, we knew we had to re-create it, with tea! We used our Winterblend herbal tea which is a mixture of warming flavours including vanilla, almond, hibiscus, and orange zest. Cinnamon and clove add a touch of spice to this eclectic herbal blend that will be sure to chase away the cold! It's delicious enjoyed hot with a little bit of honey but it really shines in this mocktail recipe. 


1. Steep 3 tsp tealish winterblend herbal tea in 3oz boiling water for 5-6 mins. 

2. Strain tea and allow to cool, pour into the bottom of a clear glass.

3. Turn a sprig of rosemary upside down and cut into the woody part to create a tree shape. 

4. Place the full part of the rosemary into the cooled tea in the bottom of the glass. You can use string to help secure it in the middle of the glass during freezing. 

5. Place in freezer for a few hours on a plate 

6. Remove from the freezer and wipe the frost from the front of the glass. 

7. Top with sparkling water of your choice and watch the bubbles create a snow globe effect. 

You can add Gin and swap sparkling water for tonic to create a festive gin & tonic cocktail! 

Watch the recipe video here! 

snow globe cocktail with rosemary christmas tree


Tea mocktails blend the rich flavours of premium teas with a medley of fresh, seasonal ingredients, delivering a refreshing and sophisticated alternative to traditional cocktails. From zesty citrus-infused green tea mocktails to soothing herbal concoctions with hints of aromatic spices, our collection caters to diverse palates. 



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