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Essential oils have popped up as a major health and wellness trend in the last few years, with the growing popularity of diffusers, essential oil blends have become a widely available and cost-effective addition to home remedies. Gone are the days of having to head to your local health food store to pick up your favourite oils, exciting blends have emerged to help tackle anything from insomnia, seasonal colds, digestion and more. It’s important to seek out high quality, 100% pure and natural oils - we love Ellia Essentials here at Tealish as well as the beautiful scents from Woodlot, find a full selection here! 

We’ve found so many ways to use essential oils, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites below. Did we miss something? Tell us how you use essential oils!

1. Spice up Shower time

Add a few drops to the corners of your shower, or directly into your bath water and allow the steam to envelop you in scent, be sure to breath deep for ultimate relaxation. Try blends like Eucalyptus, lemon, lavender and bergamot for this.

2.  Nature’s defence

Blends like lemon, orange, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus have powerful antibacterial properties. Make your own all-natural cleaner by placing orange peels in an airtight jar, cover with apple cider vinegar and add several drops of essential oil. Wait 1 week and strain out orange peels, you can also add more essential oil if you see fit. This mixture is your cleaning concentrate - add it to a recycled spray bottle in a ratio of 1:3 concentrate to water. This all-purpose cleaner is non-toxic and safe on all surfaces!

3. Drift off to Dreamland

It’s no secret, lavender is the ultimate scent of relaxation. Use pure lavender oil, or a blend in a diffuser beside your bed 30-40 mins before bedtime. Hint: it even works for restless kids! Try mixing lavender oil with a carrier oil like jojoba and roll onto temples and the back of your next to relieve muscle tension and headaches.

You can also use our organic Tibetan Lavender to create scented sachets for your drawers or even inside your pillowcase, add a few drops of lavender oil to keep the scent fresh.

4. All natural dryer sheets

Add a couple drops of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot or lavender to a damp washcloth and pop it in the dryer for an all-natural alternative to a dryer sheet, leaving your clothes with a soft fragrance.

5. Repel unwanted critters

Add a few drops of peppermint oil to cotton balls and place them in cracks and nooks unwanted house guests might be coming in. The smell of peppermint is a deterrent for most bugs and mice.

6.  Get rid of unwanted kitchen odours

Lemon oil is an important addition to any kitchen. Disinfect sponges in between uses by adding a few drops of lemon oil evenly across the sponge, let sit for 15-30 mins and rinse well with hot water. Diffuse lemon oil in a diffuser to eliminate any lingering cooking smells. Add a few drops of lemon oil (or any other citrus oil) to a dish of baking soda and place in the fridge to add freshness!