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One of our most popular customer questions in the shop lately has been, "Which teas help with stress, anxiety and insomnia?" We carry a range of herbal teas and tulsi teas specifically designed to ease these symptoms.

While there's no 'quick fix' for stress and anxiety, we've put together a list of 7 products we've found helpful to ease these symptoms. For longterm maintenance of the symptoms of stress, integrating movement in your wellness routine, as well as ensuring you're getting adequate hydration are invaluable tools. 

Stress and Anxiety have powerful effects on the body. We all have it, but it's up to us to set boundaries, say no, and make "me" time to relax. Easier said than done but with these 7 Stress-busting essentials you'll have your relaxation toolkit ready to go.  

 Have we missed one of your favourites? How do you find your ~chill~? 

1. Chill Out Herbal Tea & Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

One of our newest additions, from the Beautea Collection; Chill Out is an herbal tea made with Tulsi. Tulsi, sometimes referred to as Holy Basil, is an adaptogenic herb which helps to calm nerves and soothe feelings of nervousness. Paired with relaxing Passionflower and Chamomile, this floral and fruity blend is available as Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Sachets, or as a 100% pure essential oil diffuser blend

2. Stress Buster Herbal Tea

Stressbuster has been a customer favourite in our Wellness Collection for years! It's unique sweet and spicy flavour makes for a warming cup of tea, delicious with honey. This wellness tea also contains Tulsi, an ancient herb that helps reduce stress and instill a sense of inner peace and calm. So drink up and feel your stress melt away. 

3. Lady Jane Pen

As firm believers in the power of plants we're amazed by all the benefits the hemp plant has been shown to offer. This pen vaporizes hemp oil, as opposed to CBD. 

"Unlike CBD isolate, our full-spectrum hemp oil contains all of the natural cannabinoids found in hemp (aka more plant goodness)."

This pen contains 130mg of hemp oil with a super sleek design, perfect for when you need a little zen on the go. 

4. OMNI Melt Cannabis Infused Bath Salts

Cannabis infused bath salts are for ending those particularly gruelling days, literally -melt- into peace and quiet with a cup of tea in hand! 

5. Beautea Sleep Herbal tea & Essential Oil Diffuser Blend 

We love this blend's aromatic lavender notes. This soothing herbal tea has valerian, chamomile and lavender working in harmony to lull you to sleep. Add a few drops of the essential oil in your bedside diffuser 30 mins before sleep and steep up a cuppa! Now sip, breathe and relax.  

6. The Five Minute Journal 

We firmly believe tea is not only good for your body, it's good for your mind. Taking five minutes for some mindful meditations is an important daily act of self care. This journal pairs perfectly with a cup of tea in a quiet moment for yourself. 

7. Woodlot Rose + Palo Santo Calming Mist 

All natural hydrosol sprays should be a staple at anyone's desk. They provide a quick refresh, help clear away negative energy, and invigorate the senses (and your skin!). We love all of Woodlot's unique scents, but our favourite thing about this mist is how versatile it is. Spritz on body, face and hair, into the air or on linens.