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Founded in 2005, tealish is here to level up your cup! Using all-natural ingredients, premium herbs, teas, and spices, our mission is to make each of our better-for-you blends a sensory delight!

Restore your Body

At tealish we believe in the power of tea and botanicals to help restore body and mind. With wellness as a guide, our blends are meant to hydrate, nourish, and inspire, reminding you to enjoy life's little moments, one sip at a time.

Tea with a Purpose

We are pushing Earth dangerously close to tipping points. Today, millions of people are already exposed to the effects of biodiversity loss and climate change. We need to act urgently today to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate change.

We are working with Veritree to restore the environment in Madagascar. We believe we have our part to play in the net zero transition, while supporting local communities, addressing economic inequality and regenerating nature.

Why we're investing in nature based solutions

there's a tea for that