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For the Love of Earl Grey Tea

For the Love of Earl Grey Tea

When it comes to flavoured teas, few can rival the timeless elegance and distinct flavour of Earl Grey tea. This beloved classic has delighted tea enthusiasts for centuries with its aromatic essence and intriguing history. We're diving into what Earl Grey tea is and uncovering the origin story behind this infamous tea blend. 

What is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl Grey tea is traditionally a black tea blend that's infused with the essence of bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit with origins in Southern Italy. The marriage of robust black tea leaves with the delicate, aromatic citrus notes of bergamot creates a symphony of flavours that's both invigorating and soothing. The result is a tea that's cherished for its distinctive, slightly sweet, and citrusy taste, making it a perfect companion for a leisurely afternoon or a refreshing start to the day. 

The Origin of Earl Grey Tea

The story of Earl Grey tea is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, making it a subject of fascination for tea connoisseurs and history buffs alike. The most popular origin story attributes the tea's creation to Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey and a British Prime Minister in the early 19th century. It's said that the tea blend was a gift presented to him by a Chinese Mandarin as a gesture of gratitude for saving the Mandarin's son from drowning.

However, historical records are somewhat vague about the authenticity of this tale. There's no concrete evidence to definitively link Earl Grey to the creation of the tea that bears his name. Some believe that the blend was created to imitate the flavours of the citrus-based perfumes that were in vogue during the 1800s. Regardless of its true origins, the legacy of Earl Grey tea endures to this day.

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Our Earl Grey Teas

We're proud to offer nine different varieties of Earl Grey Tea, our Earl Grey blends range from classic to creative. 

Electric Earl Grey 

A classic and vibrant black tea with a refreshing light citrus twist. Our special blend is finely flavoured with double bergamot, and highlighted with mallow blossoms, sunflower blossoms, and safflowers. A delightful cup of tea!

Earl Grey Cream 

A creamy, aromatic variation of our classic Earl Grey Tea. This blend features delicious, velvety vanilla and the warm citrusy essence of bergamot. A heavenly treat for Earl Grey lovers! This Cream of Earl Grey also comes in organic tea sachets. 

Earl Greypfruit 

A fresh and lively take on everyone’s favourite, Earl Grey. We’ve layered grapefruit over the classic bergamot flavour, making this brew bright, light and zesty. We’re sure the Earl would approve. 

Lavender Earl Grey 

Often referred to as Lady Grey, a french twist on a classic earl grey tea. Premium black tea and bergamot are jazzed up with gorgeous French lavender flowers. A lovely black tea blend with a fantastic aroma and a fresh floral infusion. 

Decaf Earl Grey

All the rich Earl Grey flavour you love, without any of the caffeine! Enjoy this classic cuppa anytime of day or night. Makes a perfect decaf tea latte.  

Organic Earl Grey 

A lush bed of premium organic black tea blended with organic cold pressed Italian bergamot. A sensational earl grey blend made with all organic ingredients. 

Earl Grey Rooibos 

The classic taste of earl grey blended with plush South African rooibos. All the great flavour of exotic bergamot with the added bonus of high antioxidants and no caffeine!

Earl Green Cream 

Lovers of Earl Grey Cream will enjoy this green tea version of the popular blend. The finest green tea is blended with natural essence of bergamot and complimented with a creamy swirl of vanilla. 

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