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Cold Brewed Iced Tea Recipe - Tealish Fine Teas

Cold Brewed Iced Tea Recipe

As the scorching heat of summer arrives, our cravings for icy and refreshing beverages intensify. While iced tea is a popular choice, have you ever tried making it using the cold brew method? Cold brew iced tea offers a smoother, more nuanced flavour profile compared to traditional hot-brewed and chilled alternatives. 

What is Cold Brew Method Iced Tea?

Cold brew method iced tea involves steeping tea leaves in cold or room temperature water over an extended period, typically 6-12 hours. Unlike the traditional hot brewing method, which extracts flavours and tannins quickly, cold brewing offers a slower, gentler extraction process. This leads to a milder, less bitter taste with delicate undertones, making it a popular choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a smoother and more refreshing tea experience.

cold brewed tea in jars

The Benefits of Cold Brew Method Iced Tea:

  1. Flavorful Infusion: Cold brewing allows the tea leaves to slowly release their flavors, resulting in a naturally sweet and less astringent brew. The slower extraction process highlights the nuanced flavors and subtle floral or fruity notes of the tea, providing a delightful drinking experience.

  2. Reduced Bitterness: The cold brew method avoids the release of tannins and other compounds responsible for the bitterness in tea. As a result, cold brew iced tea is smoother and more enjoyable, especially for those who find traditional iced tea too strong or bitter.

  3. Lower Caffeine Content: If you're looking to reduce your caffeine intake without compromising on taste, cold brew method iced tea is an excellent choice. Cold water extracts caffeine at a slower rate than hot water, resulting in a milder caffeine content in your brew.

How to Make Cold Brew Method Iced Tea:

Making cold brew method iced tea is incredibly simple. Follow these steps to prepare your own refreshing pitcher of cold brew tea:

  1. Choose the Right Tea: Select high-quality loose-leaf tea or premium tea bags of your preferred variety. Popular choices include black tea, green tea, herbal infusions, or even fruit blends.

  2. Measure and Add: Measure the desired amount of tea leaves or tea bags according to your taste preferences and the size of your pitcher. Place the tea in a pitcher or jar.

  3. Add Cold Water: Pour cold or room temperature filtered water over the tea leaves until the pitcher is full. Give it a gentle stir to ensure the leaves are fully immersed.

  4. Steep and Refrigerate: Cover the pitcher or jar and place it in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours to allow the tea to infuse. The longer the steeping time, the stronger the flavor.

  5. Strain and Serve: Once the steeping time is complete, strain the tea to remove the leaves or bags. Add ice cubes to a glass and pour the cold brew tea over them. Customize with sweeteners, citrus slices, or fresh herbs, if desired. Enjoy!

These are some of our all time favourite teas for making cold brew iced teas: 

Sweet Pear Punch, Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Rose Sangria, Blueberry Bliss, Golden Citrus 

cold brew tea method

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