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Tealish, a modern tea boutique, was started in 2005 with the intention of changing peoples perception of tea from the boring teabags we all grew up with. We wanted to show people how incredibly fun, delicious, healthy and amazing premium loose leaf tea is.
Through our assortment of fresh and vibrant tea blends, tealish loose leaf tea provides a rich sensory experience that is unparalleled by tea bags. Using teas of premium quality married with colourful healthy ingredients including whole fruit pieces, nuts, fragrant spices and flower petals, our teas are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and best flavour. Tealish teas are delicious both hot and iced, and can be sampled at our store where we have a beverage menu that is entirely tea based. With refreshing iced teas, rich creamy tea lattes and luscious tea smoothies to choose from, staying nourished, refreshed and hydrated is both exciting and delicious! At tealish we offer customers an unforgettable tea experience through our modern interpretation of a beverage that is soothing, socially uniting and healthy.

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Creating your favourite teas since 2005, it's our mission to be the leading tea innovators in and outside the cup. Case in point, each time you shop we plant trees. Do good, feel good, and #teainthemoment!